Lev Lurie's Culture & History Club

"Lev Lurie's  Culture & History Club" was founded by a Saint-Petersburg publicist and historian renowned for his books on local history and traditions. He is also the author of the highly acclaimed St. Petersburg Guidebook printed by the major Russian publishing house Afisha.

We offer a range of private city tours designed for Russian and foreign visitors who already have some background knowledge of St. Petersburg, but seek more nuanced and insightful stories of the city's life and history. 

Whether you are interested in the Imperial ballet, the life and deeds of Vladimir Lenin, the marvels of the House of Fabergé, the early years of Vladimir Putin or in the intricacies of the Romanov family life, we would be happy to arrange a customized tour tailored to you.

Our guides will show you parts of the city you wouldn't discover in the guidebooks and provide tips on entertainment, nightlife, cultural events, flea-markets, dining and other experiences that make a good stay. We see the city as an amazing mechanism curious in every each of its details and we are happy to share our knowledge. 

For inquiries and details, please contact us by phone or email:
+7 (911) 723-81-88

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